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This was my “book that’s been made into a movie” on my book bingo card, and also a book I’ve been promising a couple of my coworkers at the library for ages that I’d read after they both recommended it. If you don’t know the film version of Howl’s Moving Castle, it’s an animated full length picture by the great Hayao Miyazaki. My family seems to have seen it; I can’t recall it so I’m going to watch it (possibly again?) soon.

As my friends promised, it’s a wonderful book.Wynne Jones is very imaginative and Sophie, the heroine, and her sisters are strong female characters. Yes, I realize they all want to get married and live happily ever after, but they are intelligent and strong and in charge of their own paths in life.

Howl is a funny, complicated wizard, and his companions, an apprentice named Michael and a fire demon named Calcifer, are fine sidekicks. Sophie has to puzzle out what the contract is between Howl and Calcifer so she can help break it, and she also has to work out who the real villain is (Howl turns out not to eat girls’ souls, as she’d been told), where Howl comes from, and who has cursed each of them. Beneath all the fun is the main idea of so many great works of fantasy: people who care about each other can come together to overcome evil.

A lovely book for a deeply cold day. I started it with my morning coffee and finished this afternoon in a cozy chair when the chores were done.

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